Posted by vijaiksharma on April 1, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Quality of the final product depends on its various individual parts and assembly thereof. In any product there are many parts of different materials. Generally, a manufacturer produces only some of the critical parts in his company and the rest are outsourced. But for their quality in the final run, the main producer is responsible. Hence this main supplier has to check and ensure the quality thoroughly. But sometimes the outsourced suppliers try to take advantage of this situation, especially in the case of small companies. In a particular case, an industrial organization was getting castings made of castings from an out source. This small supplier used to bring the entire batch and supply. Then this was subjected to check in the company and the quantity found satisfactory was accepted and paid for and the rejected quantity was taken back by him, re-melted and recast. This process was repeated every time. The matter was studied at the end of the castings supplier, wherein it was found that he was not carrying out any pre-shipment inspection. Whatever was being produced was taken to the company, which was carrying out 100 % inspection at their own cost. The casting supplier was thinking that they were saving the cost of cent percent inspection but they did not realize that they were encountering wastages of money and time due to re-melting of rejected pieces. The best course for them would have been carrying out self-inspection, studying and analyzing the causes of rejections and based on the results of the same, improving the process so as to get substantially increased yield of the process. But the company was OK with the existing arrangement even though it involved extra expenditure on inspection checks, with a view to keep the process line clear. But when things become out of hand, and we feel that enough is enough, we can keep our foot down. Finally, this is precisely what happened, leading to improvement in the whole scheme of things.


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