Posted by vijaiksharma on February 21, 2013 at 8:40 PM

Generally in life, we are desirous of big things like big house, big office room, big table and big car etc. We may consider small size as not of much use. But in real life it is not so. All medicines are in small quantities, those in Allopathic system are in mg, but they do wonders. Homeopathic medicines are in small globules and the quantity of medicine contained in each is very small, smaller the quantity, higher the potency, but even this small quantity cures. Many times we ignore small injuries or events, considering them to be of no or little consequence, but sometimes these create bigger problems later on. A few drops of dettol put in water kill germs. Small size mosquito injects into human body and becomes cause for malaria, dengue and other serious ailments. If not noticed or taken care of early, small events in life blow out of proportion later and create havoc in life. A small loose remark sometimes spoken innocuously, or wrong use of a word may cause misunderstanding, and may lead to break down of relations, lead to wide fissures or even break-up in the family or in friendship. Sometimes a small altercation takes an ugly shape. A small error of place or time in despatch of items leads to failure or success of the mission. A small ant can make the life of an elephant miserable if it somehow enters in its trunk. Small droplets of water hanging in the atmosphere constitute fog. These droplets are small but these create havoc in normal life. These affect air and train travel and cause substantial delays. Many accidents are caused on the roads leading to deaths, injuries and damages to vehicles. Small quantities of different spices make our food tasty and even easier to digest. Small quantity of salt is necessary for life, but at one stage in case of high BP, salt is not to taken at all, which means that even small quantities can become harmful. Of course, if we can take some preventive and cautious measures, well in time, such effects can be reduced.


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