Posted by vijaiksharma on February 20, 2013 at 8:35 PM

A large proportion of the population lives in large cities, where there is a serious problem of noise pollution. Scientific studies have indicated that noise beyond a certain level is harmful for the human beings. Most of the effect is on the hearing ability, which gets impaired due to higher noise levels, even though hearing ability also gets affected due to increasing age. In general, the common man is experiencing and silently facing this noise problem and is unable to do much about it. The sources of noise are many like traffic, workshops, factories, construction activities, processions, bands & loud speakers etc. There may be many laws in this respect, but the problem is about their strict implementation for reducing the levels of noise. Besides the normal noise level, the problem escalates at the time of festivals especially Diwali. The noise of crackers at Diwali is very troublesome for the ears. Crackers are also burst on some other occasions like success in elections, marriage time or some other festivals etc. On many occasions especially at the festival times, several shops play popular songs on loud speakers at high pitch, which level of noise is not soothing to the ears at all. Sometimes shots are fired from guns on some occasions such as marriage, birth of a child etc. which cause lot of noise. There are some centres for sale of lotteries and other items/products, which continuously run taped messages, irrespective of the fact whether people are actually listening to it or not, or want to listen to it or not. In election rallies, processions and demonstrations etc. also, the level of noise is high. The public in general needs to be educated to take cognizance of these points to take up this matter suitably with appropriate authorities, against high noise levels. This will prompt them to take appropriate actions. Also we should consider use of protective equipments for preventing damages to our hearing ability. The information about such equipments should be made available to the people in general.


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