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At different times in life, all human beings face difficulties which vary from person to person. They may face mental, physical or emotional pain. Some take it in their stride, some may take it as their karma and tolerate for some time and some may take it tension or burden in life. Sometimes we are fed up with the happenings in our life. Marriage as an institution is said to beautiful, but can also become otherwise, in case of problems. Marriage based on love is sustainable, provided it is not fake. In life, we have to have considerations for the family and also all other relatives, without neglecting anybody. In a family, we have small and big works one after another. They may be service, business, children, education, marriages, health, property, other assets, spouse problems and relationships with other relatives etc. These take lot of our time and effort and cause worries to us. We may or may not get financial, legal and emotional help from our close relatives. Sometimes one feels that life under such circumstances is not worth living at all. We may even question the purpose of our being born, struggling and facing many problems in life. Many times we see and experience injustice in life, but we are completely helpless. Injustice prevails at various levels, at child, young, grown up as well as at old stage. Treatment of one person by other person is a very important factor in life, but several persons do not take it seriously. Threads of life must not be disrupted on any account, even in adverse circumstances


God the Almighty, gives us suitable guidance, to enable us to lead a proper life on this earth itself. Some persons do get answers to their problems, from their inner self. Generally such inner messages lead to correct guidance and give us strength. We get inspiration for living for others, even if we are in lot of agony due to some reasons. In such circumstances, Meditation gives relaxation and peace. Meditation is an important technique to make our life free of stresses, in spite of the instances of tension. Further there are many authentic & well known Gurus who preach, bless, protect and also initiate into spiritualism, thousands of people. They are compassionate and lead us to our spiritual birth, through techniques known to them. We may not have any special effects but we may call it Spiritual Awakening. When we have an intense desire, looking for the right guidance for the spiritual path, we will get an opportunity, as per our destiny, through a Guru, who will be our guide. Generally, spiritual persons are said to be well connected with God, the Almighty and they also understand the human nature well. Through our own efforts and logical reasoning, the level of our simple life can be made higher and we can make proper choices. Since our feelings are caused by our thinking process, our thoughts are of considerable importance. These come from Inner Trust. We may have feelings of contentment, peace, wellness and good health, but we should have inner satisfaction and fulfillment in life by doing useful things for others, especially the downtrodden and the unfortunate ones, through monetary and physical means. These become points of powerful attraction. In this way, we can evolve as a good soul. Power is within us. It is for us to identify the same.















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