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Leadership is said to be an important trait in any organization, though it may be of several types and levels. For any matter, the leader should consider wide spectrum of relevant points, unearth choices, apply thinking process to select the best choice and arrive at something which will lead to success and benefit most (if not all), of the persons concerned. A good leader takes the organization to newer heights of successful functioning. A selfless leader survives the confidence of the masses and they look to him for guidance and results. Talent or competence is important in any field, so also in leadership. It is difficult to find good leaders. Any organization has to hunt for talent in leadership A below par leader may even be instrumental in sinking of the organization, if not removed in time. Leadership is definitely more important at the top of the organization, but that at the gradually descending levels in the pyramid of the organization, is also equally relevant. It is not that the topmost boss is the only leader. In various situations in life, everyone has to be a leader by himself, in his domain. We should consider successful leaders, who may be having technical, managerial and human skills, as role models. But some people may be following, some one or two persons without learning about leadership and without proper thinking. The role of a leader is to motivate to achieve results. For this purpose, he should earn respect, love & loyalty from the people, so as to get better returns with joint efforts. A leader should understand the needs of the people by being a keen observer and a true listener. He should make the people aware of actions, inspire them by setting an example himself, by actually doing, provide full support to the people and make them responsible for the allocated task. Leadership is required, not only in running of the organization, but also in taking up various issues of public and personal interest. The representatives of the electorate should be good leaders, so that they can put across the points of public interest, clearly and forcefully, at appropriate forums and fight for them, with the help of the public. All such matters and disputes have finally to be discussed and decided on the negotiating table. The trade unions and associations are equally responsible for good running of the organizations and for taking up matters of general concern for the workers. The presence of the authorized leaders is helpful for holding discussions and arriving at some amicable settlements. If there is no leader, then there are problems all around. Without leadership, it is also not possible for anybody to prevent occurrence of such protests.

In a recent case, in response to an unexpected, vitriolic and sadistic attack on a young human being in Delhi, all of a sudden a huge number of young, middle aged and old men and women held peaceful protests with weeping hearts, all over the country. People continued to come for several days and nights in severe cold conditions, facing police actions, without being called or invited by anyone. Nobody announced or told anybody about the place, time and mode of protest etc. Everything appeared to be spontaneous and coming from the heart and not led by a leader. The whole nation was awakened. Even after a few days the things were continuing during day and night. But it does not mean that leaderless protests do not lead to results. In many cases they do, though it may take some time. History has many such cases. The reason behind their success is that the people in such cases take to streets or squares, for a common and noble cause, which has not been addressed for a long time, is not having any hopes at all and the people are passionate and literally obstinate and not worried about police or army actions. Utility of leadership in such cases is in channelizing this power of the angry public, so as to get the desired results early.


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