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All relationships are important in life. There is the feeling of oneness which binds

relationships. In times of adversity, we are concerned about each other and we look after

welfare of each other. We share in happiness and grief. Even when we are not able

to see each other, being far away, we can read/assess/sense from the verbal and/or

written communications, questions and answers. We can ascertain if there is anything

wrong. Answers may be evasive, dull, incomplete, showing disinterest and not timely

etc. The answers may become a matter of concern to us. If we sense that something is

amiss, then we have to assure him that things will be all right soon. Friendship is also

a relationship. Nowadays, many of the friendships are through web. In most of such

cases, where we cannot see the friends, we can read/know/guess/assess/estimate

their character, personality and age level through their questions, answers, expression

and the level of participation. Sometimes, we may even have to read in between the

lines. We have to deal with them at that level only, which we have assessed from the

communications and their responses. But sometimes there may be errors in such

estimations and consequently errors in communications. Sometimes with all closeness,

people do not open up, even when provoked to open up. In such cases, we have to wait

with patience. It has been observed that many of the problems can be resolved or their

gravity can be reduced by sharing the problems. If and when, an mistake/error takes

place, we should try to immediately correct the situation, so that smooth

communications can take place soon, as earlier. When we share, our burden comes

down and God takes over. Every person and every family in the world has problems

esp. when we are married, our problems are more. Communications should give rise to

smile, laughter, fun and bonding. No person or family has smooth sailing life, since

tough and difficult times are expected to come in every person’s life. As per one belief,

rebirth takes place and the good and bad karmas of the previous birth(s) determine

the effect on this life. Besides relationship problems, another area which disturbs a

man more, is money problems, but money lost can be recouped later, but a broken

relationship is very difficult to mend. Most of the persons generally pick up and follow

good things in life. This is the natural tendency. For this the person should feel

internally that it is the good thing. Such a feeling makes us follow good things and





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