Posted by vijaiksharma on January 18, 2013 at 8:20 AM

Time is a resource but available time is a scarce commodity. It has to be budgeted.

Everybody is short of time and practically running after completing works, one after

another, either by himself, by multi-tasking or through others. One of the means for

management of our time is to make “to do “ lists of works to be done, arranging,

combining and giving priority to the works. I make lists day wise, area wise, time wise

and cut or delete the points contained therein, once those points/works are completed.

It is a good method for proper management/utilization of time, being very helpful in

completing of works. In my opinion, it is a good investment. It requires some time and

patience to make the lists, rearrange the works and accord proper priority to each of

the points. Points may be small, medium or lofty ones, but they have their own

importance and priority, which we have to assign using ABC priorities. Some of them

may even have equal priority and some may be having fixed or flexible commitments.

Proper schedules have therefore to be made. These lists are for our own reference and

use, and need not be shown or seen by others, since sometimes it may become a matter

of fun. Some persons may even comment that it is a waste of time, without realizing the

results achieved. To save our time we have to spend some part of our time, thinking and

planning for management of time, through managing lists. Above all, these lists have to

be updated daily. Lists should be prepared for each day of the week in advance and

updated carefully and periodically, since new needs may also arise. We must at least

make a beginning for making such lists, record improvements in the results achieved

and thereafter motivate others to .follow the same procedure.


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