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Quality of the final product depends on its various individual parts and assembly thereof. In any product there are many parts of different materials. Generally, a manufacturer produces only some of the critical parts in his company and the rest are outsourced. But for their quality in the final run, the main producer is responsible. Hence this main supplier has to check and ensure the quality thoroughly. But sometimes the outsourced suppliers try to take advantage of this situation, especially in the case of small companies. In a particular case, an industrial organization was getting castings made of castings from an out source. This small supplier used to bring the entire batch and supply. Then this was subjected to check in the company and the quantity found satisfactory was accepted and paid for and the rejected quantity was taken back by him, re-melted and recast. This process was repeated every time. The matter was studied at the end of the castings supplier, wherein it was found that he was not carrying out any pre-shipment inspection. Whatever was being produced was taken to the company, which was carrying out 100 % inspection at their own cost. The casting supplier was thinking that they were saving the cost of cent percent inspection but they did not realize that they were encountering wastages of money and time due to re-melting of rejected pieces. The best course for them would have been carrying out self-inspection, studying and analyzing the causes of rejections and based on the results of the same, improving the process so as to get substantially increased yield of the process. But the company was OK with the existing arrangement even though it involved extra expenditure on inspection checks, with a view to keep the process line clear. But when things become out of hand, and we feel that enough is enough, we can keep our foot down. Finally, this is precisely what happened, leading to improvement in the whole scheme of things.



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Generally in life, we are desirous of big things like big house, big office room, big table and big car etc. We may consider small size as not of much use. But in real life it is not so. All medicines are in small quantities, those in Allopathic system are in mg, but they do wonders. Homeopathic medicines are in small globules and the quantity of medicine contained in each is very small, smaller the quantity, higher the potency, but even this small quantity cures. Many times we ignore small injuries or events, considering them to be of no or little consequence, but sometimes these create bigger problems later on. A few drops of dettol put in water kill germs. Small size mosquito injects into human body and becomes cause for malaria, dengue and other serious ailments. If not noticed or taken care of early, small events in life blow out of proportion later and create havoc in life. A small loose remark sometimes spoken innocuously, or wrong use of a word may cause misunderstanding, and may lead to break down of relations, lead to wide fissures or even break-up in the family or in friendship. Sometimes a small altercation takes an ugly shape. A small error of place or time in despatch of items leads to failure or success of the mission. A small ant can make the life of an elephant miserable if it somehow enters in its trunk. Small droplets of water hanging in the atmosphere constitute fog. These droplets are small but these create havoc in normal life. These affect air and train travel and cause substantial delays. Many accidents are caused on the roads leading to deaths, injuries and damages to vehicles. Small quantities of different spices make our food tasty and even easier to digest. Small quantity of salt is necessary for life, but at one stage in case of high BP, salt is not to taken at all, which means that even small quantities can become harmful. Of course, if we can take some preventive and cautious measures, well in time, such effects can be reduced.



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A large proportion of the population lives in large cities, where there is a serious problem of noise pollution. Scientific studies have indicated that noise beyond a certain level is harmful for the human beings. Most of the effect is on the hearing ability, which gets impaired due to higher noise levels, even though hearing ability also gets affected due to increasing age. In general, the common man is experiencing and silently facing this noise problem and is unable to do much about it. The sources of noise are many like traffic, workshops, factories, construction activities, processions, bands & loud speakers etc. There may be many laws in this respect, but the problem is about their strict implementation for reducing the levels of noise. Besides the normal noise level, the problem escalates at the time of festivals especially Diwali. The noise of crackers at Diwali is very troublesome for the ears. Crackers are also burst on some other occasions like success in elections, marriage time or some other festivals etc. On many occasions especially at the festival times, several shops play popular songs on loud speakers at high pitch, which level of noise is not soothing to the ears at all. Sometimes shots are fired from guns on some occasions such as marriage, birth of a child etc. which cause lot of noise. There are some centres for sale of lotteries and other items/products, which continuously run taped messages, irrespective of the fact whether people are actually listening to it or not, or want to listen to it or not. In election rallies, processions and demonstrations etc. also, the level of noise is high. The public in general needs to be educated to take cognizance of these points to take up this matter suitably with appropriate authorities, against high noise levels. This will prompt them to take appropriate actions. Also we should consider use of protective equipments for preventing damages to our hearing ability. The information about such equipments should be made available to the people in general.



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Marriage is a beautiful institution in life. But couples in all marriages are not happy through- out life. There are problems from various sides, in many cases. While the two partners definitely try to please each other at different times in life, situation at the initial and later stages is considered more important. Depending on the financial conditions and the choices of the two persons and the two families, there are variations in this respect. There is more stress on clothing, jewellery, tours, house hold requirements, dry fruits and also sweets. Halwa is a typical Indian sweet, liked by everybody, though there are several other types of popular sweets also. In Halwa also, Tirunelveli Halwa is very famous and popular. Tirunelveli is a small, ancient town situated on the banks of the river Tamirabarani in Tamilnadu in South India. It is said that the young couples amidst village settings, eat this Halwa, when they get a chance to eat immediately after marriage. The husband is said to arrange this Halwa secretly, without the knowledge of family members, to woo his beloved new wife. It is a favourite of some women and in some cases of the husbands too, in which case the wife makes special arrangements for this Halwa, either by making it at home or by purchasing it from the market. In case of some couples, both have a soft corner for this Halwa. They consider it a perfect way to celebrate.


Some of the random comments of users of this Tirunelveli Halwa are wow, really very tasty, simply very inviting and tempting, looks so good, great, divine, beautiful, wonderful, superb, lovely, fabulous, very nice, very addictive, super glossy, yummy, delicious, awesome, mouth watering, fantastic, unique, glossy with ghee flowing out of the bowl, having perfect colour and texture and love it and want to grab it. Many of the students and working persons get it for their friends and colleagues, while they are on a visit to their homes in South India. Some take it during their visits to this place. Some are not familiar with this Halwa, while some do not know its recipe. Some have not dared to make it at home due to the lengthy and tedious process and hard work, which involves lot of stirring, since ghee separates from the Halwa, which should be taken out. But in spite of this, some moms and grandmothers do prepare it at home. Once Halwa prepared at home comes yummy and lovely, everyone feels happy and elated and it is worth it, as home-made items including sweets are always good. If one is trying to make it at home for the first time, it is better to prepare in small quantity. Larger quantities can be tried later on. Yes, it is surely a lengthy and tedious process, but if we like the prepared Halwa, then it is worth all the effort put in it. There are several variants but basics are same. It is made from wheat, sugar, water, cardamom powder, ghee and dry fruits, in laid down proportions, by following the proper procedure. It is advisable to learn the recipe first, but still carry out the preparation under the guidance of friends and elders, with their tips, and also get the required colour by the process. Artificial colour is generally not added, but if one wants we can add in orange, yellow or red colour. This Halwa can also be cut into pieces like Barfi. In view of the considerable importance of this preparation and popularity, adequate arrangements are made by the manufacturers to provide proper packaging and marketing over a wide stretch of area. It appears that there is one most famous shop in Tirunelveli, selling this Halwa for generations. It is understood that it is mostly made in Tamilnadu and exported to Singapore and Malaysia etc.









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At different times in life, all human beings face difficulties which vary from person to person. They may face mental, physical or emotional pain. Some take it in their stride, some may take it as their karma and tolerate for some time and some may take it tension or burden in life. Sometimes we are fed up with the happenings in our life. Marriage as an institution is said to beautiful, but can also become otherwise, in case of problems. Marriage based on love is sustainable, provided it is not fake. In life, we have to have considerations for the family and also all other relatives, without neglecting anybody. In a family, we have small and big works one after another. They may be service, business, children, education, marriages, health, property, other assets, spouse problems and relationships with other relatives etc. These take lot of our time and effort and cause worries to us. We may or may not get financial, legal and emotional help from our close relatives. Sometimes one feels that life under such circumstances is not worth living at all. We may even question the purpose of our being born, struggling and facing many problems in life. Many times we see and experience injustice in life, but we are completely helpless. Injustice prevails at various levels, at child, young, grown up as well as at old stage. Treatment of one person by other person is a very important factor in life, but several persons do not take it seriously. Threads of life must not be disrupted on any account, even in adverse circumstances


God the Almighty, gives us suitable guidance, to enable us to lead a proper life on this earth itself. Some persons do get answers to their problems, from their inner self. Generally such inner messages lead to correct guidance and give us strength. We get inspiration for living for others, even if we are in lot of agony due to some reasons. In such circumstances, Meditation gives relaxation and peace. Meditation is an important technique to make our life free of stresses, in spite of the instances of tension. Further there are many authentic & well known Gurus who preach, bless, protect and also initiate into spiritualism, thousands of people. They are compassionate and lead us to our spiritual birth, through techniques known to them. We may not have any special effects but we may call it Spiritual Awakening. When we have an intense desire, looking for the right guidance for the spiritual path, we will get an opportunity, as per our destiny, through a Guru, who will be our guide. Generally, spiritual persons are said to be well connected with God, the Almighty and they also understand the human nature well. Through our own efforts and logical reasoning, the level of our simple life can be made higher and we can make proper choices. Since our feelings are caused by our thinking process, our thoughts are of considerable importance. These come from Inner Trust. We may have feelings of contentment, peace, wellness and good health, but we should have inner satisfaction and fulfillment in life by doing useful things for others, especially the downtrodden and the unfortunate ones, through monetary and physical means. These become points of powerful attraction. In this way, we can evolve as a good soul. Power is within us. It is for us to identify the same.
















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Leadership is said to be an important trait in any organization, though it may be of several types and levels. For any matter, the leader should consider wide spectrum of relevant points, unearth choices, apply thinking process to select the best choice and arrive at something which will lead to success and benefit most (if not all), of the persons concerned. A good leader takes the organization to newer heights of successful functioning. A selfless leader survives the confidence of the masses and they look to him for guidance and results. Talent or competence is important in any field, so also in leadership. It is difficult to find good leaders. Any organization has to hunt for talent in leadership A below par leader may even be instrumental in sinking of the organization, if not removed in time. Leadership is definitely more important at the top of the organization, but that at the gradually descending levels in the pyramid of the organization, is also equally relevant. It is not that the topmost boss is the only leader. In various situations in life, everyone has to be a leader by himself, in his domain. We should consider successful leaders, who may be having technical, managerial and human skills, as role models. But some people may be following, some one or two persons without learning about leadership and without proper thinking. The role of a leader is to motivate to achieve results. For this purpose, he should earn respect, love & loyalty from the people, so as to get better returns with joint efforts. A leader should understand the needs of the people by being a keen observer and a true listener. He should make the people aware of actions, inspire them by setting an example himself, by actually doing, provide full support to the people and make them responsible for the allocated task. Leadership is required, not only in running of the organization, but also in taking up various issues of public and personal interest. The representatives of the electorate should be good leaders, so that they can put across the points of public interest, clearly and forcefully, at appropriate forums and fight for them, with the help of the public. All such matters and disputes have finally to be discussed and decided on the negotiating table. The trade unions and associations are equally responsible for good running of the organizations and for taking up matters of general concern for the workers. The presence of the authorized leaders is helpful for holding discussions and arriving at some amicable settlements. If there is no leader, then there are problems all around. Without leadership, it is also not possible for anybody to prevent occurrence of such protests.

In a recent case, in response to an unexpected, vitriolic and sadistic attack on a young human being in Delhi, all of a sudden a huge number of young, middle aged and old men and women held peaceful protests with weeping hearts, all over the country. People continued to come for several days and nights in severe cold conditions, facing police actions, without being called or invited by anyone. Nobody announced or told anybody about the place, time and mode of protest etc. Everything appeared to be spontaneous and coming from the heart and not led by a leader. The whole nation was awakened. Even after a few days the things were continuing during day and night. But it does not mean that leaderless protests do not lead to results. In many cases they do, though it may take some time. History has many such cases. The reason behind their success is that the people in such cases take to streets or squares, for a common and noble cause, which has not been addressed for a long time, is not having any hopes at all and the people are passionate and literally obstinate and not worried about police or army actions. Utility of leadership in such cases is in channelizing this power of the angry public, so as to get the desired results early.



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All relationships are important in life. There is the feeling of oneness which binds

relationships. In times of adversity, we are concerned about each other and we look after

welfare of each other. We share in happiness and grief. Even when we are not able

to see each other, being far away, we can read/assess/sense from the verbal and/or

written communications, questions and answers. We can ascertain if there is anything

wrong. Answers may be evasive, dull, incomplete, showing disinterest and not timely

etc. The answers may become a matter of concern to us. If we sense that something is

amiss, then we have to assure him that things will be all right soon. Friendship is also

a relationship. Nowadays, many of the friendships are through web. In most of such

cases, where we cannot see the friends, we can read/know/guess/assess/estimate

their character, personality and age level through their questions, answers, expression

and the level of participation. Sometimes, we may even have to read in between the

lines. We have to deal with them at that level only, which we have assessed from the

communications and their responses. But sometimes there may be errors in such

estimations and consequently errors in communications. Sometimes with all closeness,

people do not open up, even when provoked to open up. In such cases, we have to wait

with patience. It has been observed that many of the problems can be resolved or their

gravity can be reduced by sharing the problems. If and when, an mistake/error takes

place, we should try to immediately correct the situation, so that smooth

communications can take place soon, as earlier. When we share, our burden comes

down and God takes over. Every person and every family in the world has problems

esp. when we are married, our problems are more. Communications should give rise to

smile, laughter, fun and bonding. No person or family has smooth sailing life, since

tough and difficult times are expected to come in every person’s life. As per one belief,

rebirth takes place and the good and bad karmas of the previous birth(s) determine

the effect on this life. Besides relationship problems, another area which disturbs a

man more, is money problems, but money lost can be recouped later, but a broken

relationship is very difficult to mend. Most of the persons generally pick up and follow

good things in life. This is the natural tendency. For this the person should feel

internally that it is the good thing. Such a feeling makes us follow good things and






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Time is a resource but available time is a scarce commodity. It has to be budgeted.

Everybody is short of time and practically running after completing works, one after

another, either by himself, by multi-tasking or through others. One of the means for

management of our time is to make “to do “ lists of works to be done, arranging,

combining and giving priority to the works. I make lists day wise, area wise, time wise

and cut or delete the points contained therein, once those points/works are completed.

It is a good method for proper management/utilization of time, being very helpful in

completing of works. In my opinion, it is a good investment. It requires some time and

patience to make the lists, rearrange the works and accord proper priority to each of

the points. Points may be small, medium or lofty ones, but they have their own

importance and priority, which we have to assign using ABC priorities. Some of them

may even have equal priority and some may be having fixed or flexible commitments.

Proper schedules have therefore to be made. These lists are for our own reference and

use, and need not be shown or seen by others, since sometimes it may become a matter

of fun. Some persons may even comment that it is a waste of time, without realizing the

results achieved. To save our time we have to spend some part of our time, thinking and

planning for management of time, through managing lists. Above all, these lists have to

be updated daily. Lists should be prepared for each day of the week in advance and

updated carefully and periodically, since new needs may also arise. We must at least

make a beginning for making such lists, record improvements in the results achieved

and thereafter motivate others to .follow the same procedure.